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Due Diligence
for Your Property

Sunrise is available to develop
plans based on the specific
needs of a property, including
due-diligence, management,
and maintenance.

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Due Diligence

Sunrise Management utilizes its experience and expertise in the real estate management industry to offer clients due diligence-related consulting services.

Our menu of available consulting services encompasses all aspects of the acquisitions process, from income and expense review, analysis and forecasting, to due diligence items including physical inspections and administrative audits.

This available menu of property-related services includes any or all of the following components:
Investment Analysis
Income and Expense Review
Forecasting – based on actual and expected income and spending (with
  anticipated upgrades)
Property Inspection – unit-by-unit inspection, including detailed report
  and executive summary
Lease File Audit - with reconciliation to a Rent Roll (of rents, deposits,
  lease status, balances, occupants)
Contract Audit – identifying and itemizing current contracts in place
Risk Management Inspection – safety walk of the community, capital
  improvement audit of the property
Staff Interviews and Evaluations – to determine the value of the in-place
  associates and the ultimate team composition
Marketing and Advertising Recap

For due diligence, inspections teams of two are generally utilized, each team consisting of a maintenance and a management associate to complete managed unit-by-unit and apartment property walk-throughs. Unit-by-unit reports are compiled and summarized. The data is provided to the client in an easily understandable spreadsheet format. Items of interest throughout the community are documented with digital photographs.

A specific action plan is created, based on the requirements of the property and the depth of the requested services. Pricing for acquisition related analysis and due diligence services will be dependent on the time and materials involved, and can vary based on the general condition of the property and its administration. Sunrise Management generally works on a consulting basis with an offset to be applied should the acquisition be made and Sunrise Management be contracted to provide management services.

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