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Marketing Your Property

Demanding residential property
owners turn to Sunrise for
some of the most creative strategic
thinking in the industry.

They count on us to provide
exceptional leasing and retention
programs; unique, effective (and
proprietary) marketing campaigns;
and maximum return on every
community we manage.

A welcoming handshake.

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Sunrise Management has extensive experience in leasing properties through all phases of the product life cycle — from lease-up of new construction to repositioning under-managed buildings and management of mature properties through extensive rehabilitation of managed units.

Sunrise Management’s marketing philosophy teaches managers to focus on leasing and resident retention as primary components in stabilizing the community and maximizing revenue. Our team members’ exceptional sales and customer service skills have led us to successfully establishing higher rents at the communities we manage for.

By understanding the depth and detail of the submarkets we do real estate management within, Sunrise is able to target the ideal customer base for each property. A distinct understanding of customer needs and desires within specific locales allows Sunrise to attract and cater to the tastes and apartment preferences of our targeted customer base.

Ultimately the goals for each owner are the same—to consistently attain the highest possible NOI level and to outperform surrounding properties in occupancy levels. In order to achieve this goal, various strategies are implemented, as outlined below.

Key Marketing and Leasing Strategies
Markets are carefully monitored and evaluated on a regular and consistent basis.
Each community is continually positioned to outperform the competition.
Competition is shopped quarterly and strategically compared and evaluated.
Advertising and leasing performance is monitored weekly through weekly reports.
Each prospect lead is followed up on diligently and without waiver to ensure maximum return from advertising efforts.
Advertising campaigns are reviewed and redesigned quarterly to ensure effectiveness and freshness.
Monthly Marketing Plans are created for each community.
Market Rents are established for each apartment home to maximize revenue.
Grass-roots and inexpensive advertising campaigns are regularly utilized.
All marketing efforts are constantly evaluated for effectiveness and ROI.
Customized Resident Programs enhance resident retention.
Customized Resident Services are employed to maximize property appeal.
Signage is strategically placed and designed for each community.
Lease expirations are tightly managed and monitored.
Customers for Life program implemented to maximize renewal capture.
Weekly market surveys are conducted regularly on behalf of all of Sunrise’s Residential Properties. Results are tallied, evaluated, and strategically compared to establish benchmarks, market knowledge and  an in-depth familiarity with all aspects of current and potential competition.

Marketing and Leasing Plans
Within 30 days of start-up, Sunrise Management will create an in-depth Marketing Plan for your community. This plan is customized through the evaluation of demographic tendencies, local lifestyles, submarket conditions and property positioning. Our evaluations entail shopping the subject community relative to competing properties to prepare a comprehensive market analysis.

A Leasing Plan and a Schedule for Execution are created for the subject property. Marketing tactics, advertising campaigns, traffic generation techniques, resident retention programs and leasing schedules are all included. In addition, recommendations will be made regarding staffing, operational changes, curb appeal, signage and image pieces to maximize onsite sales performance.

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