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REO and Distressed Asset Management

World-class strategists and tacticians are available to immediately review any type of distressed asset.

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Real Estate Management

REO and Distressed Asset Management

Sunrise team members thrive on challenge.

With over 30 years of property management experience under our belts, the professionals at Sunrise Management bring some of the most solid skills in the industry to every community we’re associated with.

You may be looking for a winning strategy to rejuvenate vacant properties. For insights on ways to turn incomplete facilities into quality, safe, affordable housing. Or for a catalyst to revitalize and strengthen a neighborhood.

Whatever your objective, you’ll need a top-notch lineup capable of comfortably managing a wide array of proven designers, architects, builders and financiers. You’ll require insider knowledge about lenders and owners to ensure your objectives are being met within their guidelines. And you’ll benefit from insights that only come from professionals who know the inner workings of the worlds of brokerage, lending, construction and receivership.

A sampling of the abilities you’ll find on Sunrise’s side of the table include: Action plan development/implementation
Comprehensive reporting and analysis
Cost analysis
Due diligence
Expert advice and recommendations
Imaginative marketing
Market surveys
Personnel development
Property positioning
Real estate management
Risk management analysis
SWOC analysis
Tactical operations policymaking

Whether we’re re-initiating relations with an obstinate HOA or supervising lease-ups at a long-ignored community, Sunrisers understand the importance of producing consistently innovative results that all lead you to a stronger NOI.

It’s why we’re universally recognized as a knowledge bank relied on by investors of every stripe. And why we’re capable of mobilizing the most comprehensive talent pool imaginable for maximizing every type of asset in a portfolio.

Sunrise team members think fast, work smart, and always bring the highest-quality players to the game with skills perfectly tailored to your needs. This ensures we deliver the most innovative service, best operating strategies and most reliable financial results to be found in the property consulting industry today.

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